Dealing with Anger and Unexplainable Loss – February 3, 2018

Dealing with Anger and Unexplainable Loss

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Featuring: Kurt Sauder

When Pastor Kurt Sauder lost his wife and ministry partner, Kristen, to Stage IV lung cancer, he struggled with a range of emotions, including anger. Listen as Kurt shares his journey from anger and grief to a powerful and life-changing encounter with God.

Show Notes:

In the first of a special two-part podcast, host Rev. Percy McCray has a conversation with Rev. Kurt Sauder about his life-changing encounter with God after the death of his wife and ministry partner from Stage IV lung cancer at 45.

Kurt recounts intimate memories of how he and his wife Kristen met, their burgeoning ministry, her unexpected diagnosis, and the family’s struggle through the grieving process after Kristen’s death.

The hosts introduce a resource, “Dealing with Grief and Loss,” and share insights about the journey of grieving and how God is more than able to help someone find joy on the other side of despair.

CLICK HERE to download this weeks resource: “Dealing with Grief and Loss