Faith That Sustains You – March 10, 2018

Faith That Sustains You

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Featuring: Pat Dillow

In this show, oncology nurse Pat Dillow talks with the hosts about how the relationship with her patients has strengthened her faith and helped to walk through her own cancer journey with leukemia.

Show Notes:

In her 40-year career as a nurse, and 20-years as an oncology nurse, Pat Dillow has seen it all. But after a series of tests revealed she had leukemia, she found herself in the unique role of patient.

Pat shares how her diagnosis actually came as a relief after years of suspecting something wasn’t right with her health; and how her relationship with her patients not only gives her resolve to fight, but to “take the lead” in her walk of faith: “People will take your lead. You take your faith. You ask the Lord to guide you. And they will follow.”

The hosts introduce the resource “Spiritual Needs of Cancer Patients” and discuss their personal experiences with the remarkable faith of cancer patients and their families and how the foundation of their faith gives them the will to keep fighting.


CLICK HERE to download this weeks resource: “Spiritual Needs of Cancer Patients