Sharing Your Faith – March 24, 2018

Sharing Your Faith

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Featuring: Stacy Foltz

For Stacy Foltz, receiving a stage IV lung cancer diagnosis was shocking enough, especially coming from a family of non-smokers. But amazingly, her faith grew stronger even after she started treatment. Listen as Stacy shares with the hosts about the role her family, faith community and even social media plays in her journey of hope.

Show Notes:

In this episode, we’re introduced to Stacy Foltz, a current patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, Stacy admitted it was a shock, but after that initial shock passed, she decided to reach out in faith for support. Stacy shares that her faith has become stronger and bolder during her battle with cancer, and that she shares that vibrant faith by engaging with her community and her environment—even taking to social media!

The hosts discuss the unique relationship between faith and hope and how people with cancer can experience a sense of empowerment and purpose by expressing and telling others about what God is doing in their lives. They also share the free resource “Ways to Respond to Cancer Patients” and talk about appropriate and effective ways to respond to someone who tells you they have cancer.


CLICK HERE to download this weeks resource: “Ways to Respond to Cancer Patients

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