Empowered to Serve – Part 1 – Episode 110

Empowered to Serve – Part 1

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Featuring: Connie Singleton

Published: May 5, 2018

In this special two-part show, the hosts talk with Connie Singleton, Spiritual Outreach Coordinator for the Our Journey of Hope Leadership Training program, about her unique role in equipping churches to meet the cancer care needs of their community, and how this mission has changed and empowered her to be a better servant of God.

Show Notes:

Connie Singleton is a busy woman. In her role as Spiritual Outreach Coordinator for the Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership program, her job description extends far beyond enlightening churches about the opportunities CTCA can offer in starting a cancer care ministry.

Intrigued by their philosophy of integrative medicine, Connie shares the pivotal moment she knew she was meant to work with CTCA: “I just knew that there was something here I could plug into. I love the idea that the whole person is treated here.” She also found a home in working with likeminded people who shared her beliefs: “I jumped at the chance to work in pastoral care because I enjoy working with people who have strong faith.”

Believing she is uniquely empowered to serve the church community at-large, Connie’s passionate brand of ministry resonates with people who are looking to be used by God in a meaningful, life-changing way: “Keep your heart open. Look for ways that you can help someone else. Our mission field isn’t always broad. It’s sometimes in our workplace, our church. It’s sometimes just being a good neighbor.”


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