Ministry Starts When You Show Up – Episode 112

Ministry Starts When You Show Up

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Featuring: Ken Waldrup

Published: May 19, 2018

Host Rev. Percy McCray talks chaplain to chaplain with Rev. Ken Waldrup, chaplain for the Pastoral Care Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® in Atlanta. Pastor Ken shares his journey from seminary grad to chaplain, the lessons he learned along the way and the inherent value of meeting people where they are on their journey.

Show Notes:

After graduating from seminary, Ken Waldrup felt a void. “I just felt there was a deficit between what I was learning in the classroom and then application. I didn’t know how to connect with people.” Clinical Pastoral Education filled that void and opened a way for him to connect to the hearts and lives of others: “I absolutely fell in love with just walking into people’s lives and walking with them through their healthcare, issues or opportunities that they have.”

Ken talks about his unique approach in meeting with new patients and connecting with them on their level. “Everyone is made in the image of God,” he says. “That means I respect them no matter what, meet them where they are, and love my neighbor as I would love myself, and just invest in them. I can talk about God, but I also talk about football.”

Hospital chaplains have long suffered under the perception of “Grim Reaper” because they were viewed as only being the harbinger of bad news. Ken believes the scope of chaplaincy and pastoral care has broadened significantly. “We get to be pastors away from pastors,” he says. “I am not the Grim Reaper. I’m just a pastor. I’m here just to speak life and faith into your journey.”


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