You’re Going to the Other Side – Episode 116

You’re Going to the Other Side

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Featuring: Laurie Sparks

Published: June 16, 2018

Four-time cancer survivor Laurie Sparks can tell you a thing or two about storms. Working in a high-profile position in the Georgia state capital, Laurie successfully juggled career and family life until she was diagnosed with cancer…and on the heels of her father’s death from kidney cancer. Not to be deterred, Laurie resolved to focus her faith and push through. Now cancer-free, Laurie shares how a recurring dream helped her realize that God is always bigger than anything we fear.

Show Notes:

When Laurie Sparks received her first cancer diagnosis, it was in the shadow of her own father’s death after a 12-year battle with kidney cancer. She recalls the news as “something that happened that I had to take care of, something I prayed about and talked with my church leaders about. But basically, I just trusted in the Lord.” Her father was an added source of inspiration: “He had a kidney tumor that spread to his spine, and they told him he was never going to walk again. Six weeks later, he was back at work. He was a fighter. But he knew that God was bigger than cancer.”

In addition to having a high-profile government position, Laurie had the added responsibilities of being a wife and mother. During the many years of her cancer journey, she recounts a recurring dream which she believes sustained her: “I was on the boat with Jesus and the disciples when He said, ‘Let’s go to the other side.’”

The first time she had the dream, she was an observer. The next time was different: “I went and laid in Jesus’ arms, because I knew that was the safest place in the boat, and that He was going take care of everything. And then later I realized that I could speak to the storm and say, ‘Peace. Be still.’ And so, as I progressed in my treatment, I realized I needed to speak to what was happening in my body, all while having the confidence that Jesus was going to get me to the other side. So, part of receiving healing in my body was the work He was doing in my mind-set.”


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