The Intersection of Faith and Science – Episode 117

The Intersection of Faith and Science

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Featuring: Dr. Michael Pinell

Published: June 23, 2018

Dr. Michael Pinell’s career with Cancer Treatment Centers of America began a bit unconventionally. He started out as a patient. Diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma, he was treated successfully, and was then recruited to CTCA’s urgent care department. Now, Dr. Pinell shares with the hosts about how his experiences as a physician and a believer have enabled him to use integrative medicine as a God-given tool to treat and help those with cancer.

Show Notes:

When Dr. Michael Pinell was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma, he had no idea that his place of healing would be the place he would come to bring that same healing spirit to others. “It was a very good fit for a patient that had been a cancer patient. For me, God and Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. I give [my patients] the personal experience I have had, where there is hope, and there is a potential cure for you to get you to your end point of health, back into your community and living the life that has been created for you.”

In his 40-plus years of treating patients, Dr. Pinell believes that despite the ongoing tension between the two camps of faith and science, there can be a respectful balance between them, most evident at the point of treatment. When a patient is empowered to visualize the medical dynamic of their treatment as having a physical and a spiritual benefit, it ultimately helps them to work through difficult days, long nights, or weeks of treatment.


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