Is God Good All the Time? – Episode 119

Is God Good All the Time?

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Featuring: Stan Reaves

Published: July 7, 2018

Cancer survivor and cancer care minister Stan Reaves talks candidly about the highs and lows of being a caregiver for his wife, and how his experience with the Our Journey of Hope Leadership Training helped to renew his faith while equipping others.

Show Notes:

Being diagnosed with cancer was the last thing Stan Reaves expected to challenge his faith. But as his cancer journey came to a positive end, he discovered his wife’s journey was just beginning. Stan found himself taking on the role of caregiver in addition to that of husband. The challenges of such a role prompted him to enroll in the Our Journey of Hope Leadership Training program. “We’ve run the mill,” Stan says. “But [cancer] has tested me from the standpoint that you think your faith is strong. What we learn in Our Journey of Hope, as caregivers, you get very dry as you’re going along through the journey. It has really stretched me.”

Stan also expressed that he had trouble with the idea of asking for help and support from other people initially, but the training program helped him realize that individuals are not meant to go through these trials alone. It is in this place where God opened his understanding about how he can effectively minister in the role of caregiver. “[God] has given my wife to me on loan to be a good steward. I want her to know she’s been loved, that’s she’s been ministered to through this process.”


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