Recognize and Use God’s Gifts – Episode 122

Recognize and Use God's Gifts

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Featuring: Gordon Robertson

Published: July 28, 2018

In this second installment of a special two-part series, the hosts once again sit down with Gordon Robertson, host of the The 700 Club and CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, to talk further about being in Christian ministry and interacting with the medical environment and some of the profound and personal lessons about the dynamic between the natural and supernatural.

Gordon also speaks candidly about his father, Pat Robertson, who recently recovered from a stroke, and the importance of having an “advance directive” in place to ensure a loved one’s standard of care and quality of life is being articulated and honored.

Show Notes:

In part two of this special episode of Health, Hope and Inspiration, Gordon Robertson talks with the hosts about faith, sickness and death within the context of high-profile ministry, particularly when great faith leaders transition and “go home to glory”. Robertson’s own father, Pat, recently recovered from a stroke. “In terms of the great leaders passing on, you look back at Scripture,” he says. “Moses didn’t make it to the Promised Land. The Lord took him. And how did Israel deal with that? And how do we deal with that? In that transition process, let’s focus on the resurrection. That’s the hope of the church. That’s the hope of all believers.”

Robertson stresses that being a person of faith, power and hope in God doesn’t exempt anyone from the importance of preparedness for any eventualities, whether for oneself or for loved ones. “There’s the natural order of things, where things progress on a natural order of cause and effect,” he says. “God created [modern science]. And because He created it, it’s good. Is there a supernatural order above that? Yes. Can He reach down from heaven and do miracles? Yes and amen. But we need to be wise and realize the natural order is also ordained by Him, and we need to be prepared for that.”


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