God Really Cares – Episode 125

God Really Cares

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Featuring: Fran Boyd & Ossie Mills

Published: August 18, 2018

Rev. Percy McCray talks with Fran Boyd, breast cancer survivor, Oral Roberts University grad and marathon runner, about her experiences at CTCA on her cancer journey, and her unique testimony of faith about how God never left her side. Pastor Percy also welcomes back Ossie Mills, Vice President of Global Communications and Marketing at Oral Roberts University and Executive Director of Empowered21, who provides some framework to the continuing discussion about the link between faith and medicine.

Show Notes:

Fran Boyd is a marathon runner. Some might say she was born to run. But when Boyd was faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, she entered into the biggest marathon of her life. “I immediately thought a death sentence, and it was scary,” she said. “But I immediately called a girlfriend of mine who started praying with me, and we just believed that God was going to see me through this.” Boyd, an ORU grad, already had a foundation of faith in place, and along with her husband, Brian, directed her prayer through the course of her treatments: “[God] gives the doctors wisdom, He gives us the medicine to be healed and to be cured. And so I went into it believing that I was going to do whatever it took and whatever the doctors recommended, but I was also going to pray, and I was going to, you know, trust God and believe for my healing, as well.”

Now on the other side of her treatments, Boyd has run 13 marathons. She maintains that God preserved her heart during her chemo treatments, and will enable her to pursue her dream of running in all 50 states. Boyd believes the biggest takeaway from her experience as a cancer patient is that God cares. “He cares about each individual person, and He orders your steps. And He ordered my steps to [CTCA]. There’s just so many God coincidences that happened that even brought me there, so I believe that whatever anybody is going through, just take the next step and trust God as you’re going along the journey because He’ll see you through.”


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