Medicine and Faith: A Winning Combination – Episode 126

Medicine and Faith: A Winning Combination

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Featuring: Dr. David Suh

Published: August 25, 2018

Dr. David Suh, Radiation Oncologist at CTCA Philadelphia, joins the hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration in one of several engaging discussions about faith and medicine. Suh, who is also an ordained minister, talks about his own faith journey, and how that dynamic informs and drives his practice and how he relates to his patients.

Show Notes:

Dr. David Suh, a veteran physician of 25 years, and a radiation oncologist at CTCA Philadelphia for 6 years, shares with the hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration how his journey to faith in Christ allows him to form a unique bond with his patients, particularly those with a shared faith. “I engage them on that personal level, and as my identity is a child of God, then I see them as my brother and sister on a more family level, and I try to bring peace to them, bring hope, because, really, the Gospel of Christ is all about hope.”

Suh also believes there is a frequent misperception that many physicians are not people of faith. “How do we meld or blend those two aspects together? Obviously medicine and science, if you just look at it today in the world, pretty much leaves God out of everything. They don’t see a need for that because it’s just two plus two is four. But my belief is two plus two is five. If you bring into that situation hope—it is a true contentment in God’s presence. I believe the Holy Spirit can give you that peace. No matter how hard a troubling diagnosis or problem, I have witnessed every time I pray for people who even have a terminal stage of cancer that they feel the peace of God, and I feel encouraged that I can be a part of something like that.”


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