Never Alone – Episode 131

Never Alone

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Featuring: Kellie Joseph

Published: September 29, 2018

Cancer survivor Kellie Joseph shares her story about her journey through breast cancer as well as her experiences as a respiratory therapist and director of the cardiopulmonary team with CTCA. Joseph talks about how incorporating her faith into her profession and experience with breast cancer helped her to realize the importance of having a strong support system in place for life’s challenges, avoiding burnout, and to better empower and strengthen her patients.

Show Notes:

Kellie Joseph will tell you how much she loves her career. As an engaged, busy and active healthcare professional in the field of respiratory therapy for over 35 years, Joseph has no regrets for her chosen career path. Motivated by a desire to help people, even at a young age, Joseph suddenly found herself in the role of patient when a routine mammogram revealed breast cancer.

Struck by fear that she might not be strong enough to fight, she reached out to her sisters, who began a campaign of prayer on her behalf. Now a cancer survivor, Joseph realizes the importance of being surrounded with a community of supportive, like minded individuals to encourage and empower others through life’s challenges. Her patients receive the benefit of her experience: “We do have time to help [patients] through the journey. It reinvigorates me to have the time to sit and be with the patients.”


  • “I know that we have a culture here of a very high-touch compassion, empathy. But for me, I think there’s this connection that happens in sharing my faith and saying, ‘I will keep you in my prayers.’”
  • “Even though I was fearful, I knew that I could go the long haul. And I knew that I wasn’t going to do it alone.”
  • “My mantra is, ‘You can’t do it alone.’ Teamwork. Have faith and confidence in the team that’s taking care of you. If you don’t, make a different decision. And listen. Listen to the Lord, ’cause the message is there.”


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