God’s Got It! – Episode 134

God's Got It!

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Featuring: Lannett Lester

Published: October 20, 2018

Guest and cancer patient Lannett Lester joins the hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration to share her vibrant story of faith and courage after losing her husband to cancer and then being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Lester also shares how making God the center of her joy has transformed her outlook on life and given her determination to live every day to the full.

Show Notes:

Lannett Lester is someone you should know. She will tell you she’s been through a lot but giving up is not her thing; in fact, when she says, “God’s got it,” you know this is how she lives her life. After losing her husband to cancer, she describes feeling initially overwhelmed by her own diagnosis: “When I was first told that I had cancer, I was frightened, overwhelmed because my husband had passed with cancer. Hearing the words, he just gave up. In two months, he was gone. And so, when I was diagnosed with cancer, my family just fell apart. They thought the same thing was going to happen to me.”

As it turned out, God had other plans for her. “And I said, ‘No, that won’t be happening.’ I said, ‘This is me.’

“I always get up in the morning and I say, ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.’” After five years, which included a lengthy chemotherapy treatment and radiation therapy, Lester is now under observation, but continues to make progress. She says that she is inspired daily to make God the focus in every aspect of her life. “God’s got me. What’s going to happen to me? Regardless of what goes on in my life, He’s there, so there are no worries.”


  • “Cancer’s got to catch me running. I’m not going to let it destroy me.”
  • “Every aspect of my life, I try to keep God in it, no matter what I’m doing. It can be going to a movie or whatever, but you just know that God is there. I love going out in the open, and I love flowers and trees and walking. And God is there. That’s the way I run my life.”
  • “One thing about a blood cancer is, sometimes you can’t move around like you want to. But since I can do all things through Christ, I get up in the morning literally and say, ‘I’m going here, I’m going there,’ because my mind tells me I can do this. I have to do something structured every day.”
  • “The joy of the Lord is your strength. You are declaring that you can do all things through Christ. But Jesus is the center of your joy. Even if and when you may be taking shorter, slower steps, you are still in the game and you’re still moving.”


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