Fight For Your Life! – Episode 142

Fight For Your Life!

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Featuring: Shelia Williams

Published: December 15, 2018

Breast cancer patient Shelia Williams shares with the hosts her experience along her journey from diagnosis to treatment; how her faith has helped her stay encouraged and empowered to navigate the challenges of living with cancer, and that life is truly worth fighting for.

Show Notes:

Like so many people, Shelia Williams found out she had breast cancer at the most inconvenient time—on her way to work. “I cried. I was actually on my way to work but had to detour to the hospital. It just wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. It was just bad news.” While the experience left her shaken, she immediately turned to God, family and friends for support. Williams expresses that her faith in God is the reason she keeps pressing onward and says her experience with cancer has changed her…for the better. Life, she maintains, is worth fighting for.

“I’m in a different place today than I was, say, seven months ago, when I first learned,” she says. “I’ve had some treatment, and the cancer is responding positively. I’m just encouraged. I have a lot of hope at this point.” Williams also encourages others who may be going through something similar: “I’d say don’t give up hope. Medicine has advanced a lot these days. It’s even better than it was 10, 11 years ago. Fight and work with your doctors and don’t give up hope. Keep asking for help and prayer.”


  • “Family and friends really rallied around me once they learned of my diagnosis. They were encouraging, and because of that support and that encouragement and even being encouraged with scriptures, it kind of helped me to regain my balance, my bearing.”
  • “I appreciate the fact that I really believe that this life is worth fighting for. Two months ago, I did not feel that way. I was ready to give up. The challenges just seemed too big, too much. As I sit here today, I’m in a better place spiritually, mentally, physically, and so I’m ready to roll. I can accept the challenges, and I’m looking forward to adding some more years to my life, getting some more out of it, and accomplishing some of the things that I’d always hoped to.”
  • “Don’t give up hope. Medicine has advanced a lot these days. Even some of the advanced stages of cancer are treatable today. You can recover and add full years to your life, and so I would say your life is worth fighting for.”


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