Christmas Hope – Episode 143

Christmas Hope

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: December 22, 2018

In this special Christmas edition of Health, Hope & Inspiration, the hosts share insights from the scriptures about how hope is defined, and how the message of the birth of Jesus may bring renewed hope for someone, even in the hardest of circumstances.

Show Notes:

What is true hope? How can we dare to hope when it seems distant or even unattainable? The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration dive into the Scriptures to define true hope as an “eager and earnest expectation” and explore how the birth of Jesus as a fulfillment of prophecy brings that unfailing hope to all humanity.

Pastor Percy shares how Isaiah’s prophecy about the birth of Jesus and His attributes should not only give us hope, but peace and wisdom: “When we begin to think about the trials and tribulation of our day, the struggles, and the mass confusion in times of distress, we need some counsel. And so, one of the things that we have a hope toward in believing and understanding about the promises of God is that Christ is a Wonderful Counselor. There have been times of distress in my life that I needed the supernatural, extraordinary wisdom of God because my mental capacity could not figure or factor what I was going through and how I was going to work my way through that. By the spirit of God, I received and leaned upon His supernatural source of extraordinary wisdom.”

Pastor Percy also shares that God’s other attributes come to us in the form of a “Mighty God,” “Everlasting Father” and “Prince of Peace”, and that all these qualities give us assurance that God is there and will provide all that we have need of in this life. “Everything that God has ever promised me, He has kept every promise. It may not have been delivered the way that I wanted or when I wanted it to be delivered, but He kept every promise to Percy McCray. And I stand tall today to declare that.”


  • “He’s the Mighty God, which represents divine strength and power, because when we’re fighting against the principalities and the principles of darkness and evil that exist in high places, we need to have the divine strength and power that exists and only comes from the throne room of the Mighty God that we serve.”
  • “We have a God who is ever-present in the time of need and trouble. He is always available to us, and we have direct access to Him 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is an attribute that we can really rely upon that God is available whenever and wherever and however we need Him at the time of trouble.”
  • “We need to continue to remind ourselves in the day and time of separation, division, angst and distress among groups and tribes and cultures, that this was part of the ultimate promise and the delivery of the birth of Christ that brought that to all men, all nations, all creeds, all colors, that we have access to that right now. And we need to live from that place and be distributors and arbiters of that as we meet one another in the marketplace.”
  • “When I hear certain things that are going on, I remind myself and I go back to the foundational principles of the point and the purpose and the potential of what was done on that old, wonderful day when Christ was born and came into the Earth’s realm, that we have access to that, and that gives us a great hope to continue to work through all that we face.”


CLICK HERE to download this week’s resource: “What the Bible Says About Hope