I’m Not Done Yet – Episode 145

I’m Not Done Yet

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Featuring: Robbie Robinson

Published: January 5, 2019

In this episode of Health, Hope & Inspiration the hosts talk with cancer survivor Robbie Robinson, who shares how his experience with cancer has inspired him to commit his life to serving others and made him an advocate for those starting their own journey.

Show Notes:

When you talk with Robbie Robinson about his cancer journey, he might tell you that having cancer has actually blessed his life. Diagnosed with stage-II non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2002, Robinson decided that he wanted to help others going through a similar experience find hope in their journey. “I think the only way we’re going get the fear out of [having cancer] is to talk about it. If that fear is removed, people will be more apt to do the one thing that they actually have some control over, that could have a definite hand in this, which is early detection.”

Robinson’s interactions with other patients inspired him to start his own podcast, called “Not Done Yet,” encouraging people battling cancer to overcome their fear and turn it into an opportunity to give back, to reach out to others. He calls it “creating the desire to inspire in others.” “There’s a higher power that graces us with time,” he says. “And if He has, what am I going do with that time? I didn’t want to foolishly spend that time on myself. I wanted to invest it in others and make it mean something.”


  • “Most people are afraid of what they’re going to find out. To me, it’s a positive. You’re going to find out that you either have nothing and you’re going to feel fantastic, or you’re going to find something and feel great because you’ve caught it. It’s a win-win either way to get those tests done.”
  • “I didn’t have the sense of fear that I thought I might have had, and I believe that’s because of my faith. I did not want this to be about just me.”
  • “I try to thank everybody here at this hospital — When I see somebody in the bathroom cleaning that bathroom, I say, “Excuse me. I want to thank you for cleaning this because you’re just as important to me as that doctor. If you don’t keep this clean, I get sick, I can’t help anybody.”


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