Cancer is Not Bigger Than God – Episode 149

Cancer is Not Bigger Than God

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: February 2, 2019

In this episode of Health, Hope & Inspiration the hosts talk about how cancer is perceived by the public and ways to potentially change the conversation in the way people think about cancer in the face of who God is and how we relate to Him.

Show Notes:

With many healthcare professionals forecasting cancer as the great malady of our time, Rev. Percy McCray believes that people of faith can confront cancer with faith in a God who stands outside the construct of the limitations of sickness and disease and empowers and encourages them to fight back. Rev. McCray posits that a cancer diagnosis does not signal the end: “When you believe you have a right to fight back, you will. When you believe you have a resource to fight back, you’ll use it. When you believe you have that working at your disposal, it changes the dynamic intrinsically of how you see your scenario and how you feel about the potential outcome of that engagement.”

And while some may not survive a cancer battle, it doesn’t minimize what can be done in the meantime. “Here is the key—we need to quit judging the score of the end of the game by whether we won or lost. As believers, we always win,” McCray says. “We have to hold on. The Bible tells us that we have to occupy until He comes, but, at the end of the day, the great promise of Christ is that great Day of Resurrection that we are going to be met and caught up in the air with Him, so even if we should not survive a bout of cancer does not mean that we lost and it does not mean that life or that ministry or the purpose of that life was wasted.


  • “We need to stop referring to cancer as ‘the big C.’ Jesus is the capital L-O-R-D. I suggest for your consumption that cancer should be made small-case and not capitalized because we’ve got to make a decision. Either Christ is the big ‘C’ or He isn’t.”
  • “We have to start with the premise of how we view and how we see the enemy that we’re fighting, because if we see our enemy bigger than the God that we serve, then we’re going to acquiesce to the demands of our enemy and not fight back.”
  • “When we talk about just the technology, the advancement of understanding the medicine and the science of treatment of cancer, cancer certainly is not necessarily the end when we hear that. We know that there are more people who are survivors of cancer today than any time ever in its history. Though we may have more people being diagnosed with cancer, we now see more people who are surviving and living with cancer and managing it.”
  • “I suggest, in theory, that when we begin to empower people to feel empowered to push back against that which is pushing up against them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually—and this is where the idea of the hope of God, the faith of God, and, with the technology of the day, it gives people a resource, it gives them the three “R’s”: the right, the reason, and the resource to fight back.”


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