Don’t Keep God in a Box – Episode 150

Don’t Keep God in a Box

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Featuring: Fely Kuhler

Published: February 9, 2019

The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration chat with Fely Kuhler, former Patient Experience Coordinator at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago, Illinois, to talk about her call to pastoral care and how God used her unique brand of ministry to bring cancer patients and their families and caregivers hope.

Show Notes:

Fely Kuhler knows firsthand that you cannot put God in a box. “That really freed me to go and minister to the people, to the patients,” she says. “And that really reinforced my faith, that He is almighty, He is sovereign. We cannot not really put Him in a box.”

Kuhler worked as a unit secretary for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago for 37 years. During that time, she has reached out to many patients and their families, going so far as to invite them for supper and to open her home. “One Wednesday service there was a patient, and I was asking the Lord, ‘I want to be a blessing to our patients,’” she says. “And there was just a thought or a feeling that, ‘Well, I have my house, and we have two empty rooms.’ So, I asked the Lord, ‘Lead me to someone.’ And He did. And I asked the patient, and she agreed. And the Lord opened up the opportunity that we were able to know her family.”

Even now, Kuhler is recognized for her kindheartedness. She recounts meeting a former patient while out shopping: “Just last month, I saw someone in a shoe store. And she is cancer-free. She recalled our good times, praising and, sometimes they’re discouraged, and you always say that good things will happen and we’re in this together.”


  • “Every time I’d go and minister to people, I’d say, ‘Lord, you minister to our patients, to the people who will come through us, through us.’ It was really very meaningful to me.”
  • “It’s an awesome experience. It’s so vast that I could not even explain it. But I just count it a privilege, and I thank the Lord for opening that door for me.”
  • “When I came to this hospital, I knew that the Lord led me here and the Lord had a purpose for me here — supporting our patients not only in their treatment, but spiritually.”


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