Overcoming Cancer with Compassion – Episode 157

Overcoming Cancer with Compassion

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Featuring: Kristianne Stewart

Published: March 30, 2019

Kristianne Stewart chats with the hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration about the work her ministry, Compassion That Compels, is currently doing across the United States to provide hope and emotional support to women battling cancer. She also shares her perspective about why it’s important to support cancer patients in the faith community, and offers ways to help those with cancer feel less alone and more connected.

Show Notes:

When Kristianne Stewart’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, a simple letter of forgiveness would birth a ministry of compassion. Kristianne now leads “Compassion That Compels,” a worldwide ministry which has impacted thousands of women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Kristianne reflects on lessons she’s learned on the journey so far, particularly in how cancer can isolate people where they were once engaged with their community.

Compassion’s training sessions introduce a peer mentoring program for women with cancer who struggle to adjust to their new normal and to help them discover a deeper purpose. “And what’s our purpose? Well, our purpose becomes not just beating the cancer, not surviving, but we want to overcome. So we don’t ever use the term ‘survivor’ at Compassion. We use the term ‘overcomer.’ Everybody has something in life that they’ve overcome. And that’s how we approach it, from a faith-based standpoint. For us, it’s Christianity, and we say and we believe that it’s through Christ that we have the strength to overcome.”


  • “We just launched seven communities. You can actually go on our website, and you can click on the map, and there’s a little dandelion that hangs there and bounces for a second. It tells you your nearest community or routes it through to us where we can identify a local faith-based support group where we can tell them, ‘Look, this is what’s available in your area. You are never, ever alone.’”
  • “You know what gives me hope? Knowing that one day I may never, ever have to deliver another compassion bag, that I may know we may never have to have another Compassion community. It’s hope knowing that together, through one compassionate act at a time, we can reach people who felt like they were beyond the love of Christ, that they were beyond any hope, that they would find a hope that they could anchor straight to their soul.”


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