Prayers for Healing – Episode 160

Prayers for Healing

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Featuring: Afrika Shaw

Published: April 20, 2019

Afrika Shaw sits down with the hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration to talk about her ongoing journey battling breast cancer and how, through prayer, she has learned to trust God’s perfect will and plan for her life, while reassuring others that no matter what happens, God always keeps His promises.

Show Notes:

Afrika Shaw is a warrior. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, her cancer journey has been a long one. She is now battling the disease a second time after almost a 20-year remission. Shaw admits her initial diagnosis left her in disbelief. “I went numb. I went into a denial, because I had been at a prayer revival that January. My church prayed with me. My family didn’t know. No one knew, other than my job and my church family. Even though I hadn’t been diagnosed yet, I asked for healing. I was in fear.”

Immersing herself in prayer and reading the scriptures, Shaw built up her faith. Even now, battling a Stage IV diagnosis, she is resolute. “[God] is using me as an example to know that, no matter what, we’re going to get healed. Some people get healed on the other side. Some people get healed right here on Earth. He’s using me to help other people. I’m still here.”


  • “I try to reach out to people, just talk to them, and let them see me. I want them to see God in me. And that’s my prayer every day, that I want Him to shine through me.”
  • “I prayed for everyone, but I prayed for my healing. And I was released from a lot of things that I held onto in my life. I do believe that’s why, when you forgive people, you’re doing it for yourself. I don’t think I would have received physical healing had I not been able to forgive.”
  • “Every time I went to [CTCA], someone was praying with me. Everybody shows so much love. One of the care nurses looked at me one day and said, ‘Your anxiety’s high. Everything’s just high. You need to talk to someone, and you need to walk,’ because, you know, normally, I walk. And she just took my hands and prayed with me.”
  • “I’ve been prayed for by the doctors, and one of my surgeons. They’ll just take my hand and pray for me.”


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