How God Works Through Doctors – Episode 166

How God Works Through Doctors

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: June 1, 2019

In this episode of Health, Hope & Inspiration, the hosts discuss ways God works through the lives of doctors and clinicians to benefit patients and the broader medical community. The conversation addresses what makes an effective physician and attempts to break down barriers and stigmas about the natural relationship between medical science and spirituality and faith.

Show Notes:

Doctors are a vital part of the human experience. They act as our first defense against sickness and disease and strive to point the way for our betterment. Aside from loved ones, interaction with doctors comprises a significant part of our lives, yet we may fail to value them like we should if we misunderstand their purpose and role in our lives.

Rev. Percy McCray says the misunderstanding of physicians and doctors often comes as a result of their clinical exterior. “Sometimes doctors can be hard to read because they have a very clinical dynamic that they work from. But in many cases, they are strong, wonderful people of faith, with great humanity.” That clinical bearing stems from their training and keen awareness of the ever-changing nature of science and medicine. “[Doctors and physicians] are life-learners,” McCray says. “They have to be intellectually curious and want to continue to learn and grow. And it’s the reason why it is called the practice of medicine—because it is never quite perfected.”

Rev. McCray also points out that God has gifted the knowledge to humans to practice medicine, and that the wisdom and counsel of doctors are many times an answer to prayer. Personal accountability to heed that wisdom is the responsibility of the patient. “When we talk about wisdom for good counsel and for the best way to improve our situation, that needs to be included in our prayer, as well, for healing and health and recovery, wisdom for the right doctors, wisdom for the right relationships, wisdom for us to make the right lifestyle changes.”


  • “Virtually every doctor that I’ve ever met and that I have a relationship with are people who are very much entrenched in the idea of wanting to help people and make a difference in the lives of individuals. They’re people just like anyone else, but sometimes they’re hard to read.”
  • “I’ve seen many believers who were praying for God’s divine intervention, but they violated so many natural laws, you’ve got some skin in the game. We don’t want to hear that sometimes. I’ve been at dinner sessions with individuals where their plate was overflowing and they would rebuke the calories out of the food. Don’t we know that our bodies have been bought with a price, that they belong to God? It’s the temple of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “I was in the midst of providing pastoral care and support to a patient. And I was praying for them. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder, and when I opened my eyes and finished that prayer, it was that attending physician of that patient who had actually come alongside very quietly and rested her hand upon my shoulder. She was praying along with us.”


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