Is There More to This? – Episode 168

Is There More to This?

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Featuring: Dr. Kevin Tulipana

Published: June 15, 2019

Dr. Kevin Tulipana, medical director and medical Vice Chief of Staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sits down with the host of Health, Hope & Inspiration to talk about what motivates, inspires and keeps him grounded as a physician.

Show Notes:

As a child, Kevin Tulipana always felt compelled to be a doctor. “There’s an inspiration or a desire to want to serve people, and what better way to serve people than through helping them with healing?” Now in his fifteenth year as a physician, Dr. Tulipana found he was burning out as a clinician and administrator with his own practice. He decided to make a change—a big one. “I found out about this opportunity here at CTCA [Tulsa],” he says. “I was drawn here by the idea of taking care of people in their greatest need.”

But Dr. Tulipana’s journey led him down a second path. “One of the reasons I ended up in Tulsa was that I was feeling called to a deeper ministry,” he says. Ordained to the diaconate of the Roman Catholic Church, Dr. Tulipana realized he had the opportunity to take his training outside the doors of the Church and give his vocation an added dimension. “Anyone can learn the science,” he says. “You can look at problems from a scientific perspective all day long and solve a problem. But to serve the person, someone who is struggling with a new diagnosis of cancer or a worsening prognosis…it’s really to sit there and listen, try to experience what they’re going through.”


  • “I think that a faith background, that reflectiveness really does help with coping. It helps you prepare. And it helps you to develop relationships with your patients.”
  • “I have found the most moving times that take me back the most is when patients, when people who are faced with something that would overwhelm most of us and they have a little bit of time left, and yet the people with the deepest faith tend to be the most at ease with that.”
  • “When I have to give someone news that most people would look at as terrible news and you kind of see an overwhelming calmness come across some folks’ faces and they just look at me at times and say, ‘You know, it’s going to be okay because everything’s in His hands.’ And those are the moments that you know that only happens because they have faith and they have trust in God.”


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