The Truth About Cancer – Episode 175

The Truth About Cancer

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray & Wayne Shepherd

Published: August 3, 2019

What is cancer? And what are the benefits of an integrated approach to cancer treatment? Hosts Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd discuss the basics of cancer and the kinds of treatments available.

Show Notes:

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray offer a vision of hope for cancer patients and provide a basic understanding of how cancer works in the body. “Cancer in many cases may be a treatable disease that cannot overcome our faith and hope.”

Listeners are encouraged with helpful information such as statistics, advancements in cancer care, the definition of cancer, how it functions in the body, and what the stages of cancer mean in a diagnosis. Rev. McCray also encourages listeners that looking at the facts does not contradict a person’s faith. “Denying or ignoring the facts is not walking by faith. We can look at the facts of our situation and our circumstances and still walk by the faith of God.”

Rev. McCray also shares the value of integrative care for the cancer patient, including clinical care, nutrition, emotional support, and the patient’s faith. “No matter what happens, God is faithful to us in this life and in the next life to come, and the tighter we hold on to our hope, the more prepared we may be to fight against cancer or any other negative circumstance that we confront at the end of the day.”


  • “We can, and we should fight and push back against the negative effects of cancer…the end of the story is not if you necessarily beat your opponent, it’s the fact that you put up resistance.”
  • “It’s hard to encounter anyone these days who’s not touched in some way or another by cancer.”
  • “We do not need a prescription or permission from anyone to have hope.”


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