God Is Not Done with Me Yet – Episode 177

God Is Not Done with Me Yet

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Featuring: Aurora Arellano

Published: August 17, 2019

Aurora Arellano stands with her husband as they fight his colorectal cancer. She shares with Rev. Percy McCray about how she sustains her faith and hope through tough days—and also good days—while giving him care.

Show Notes:

“I married a strong man, and, you know what? We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna fight together,” Aurora Arellano shared with Rev. Percy McCray. After hearing her husband’s diagnosis (Miguel Arellano, Episode 176), they decided to believe for healing and embrace clinical care at CTCA®. But Aurora also needs to care for herself.

“I think this is a mistake that a lot of caregivers make, in not allowing themselves to have a circle, a group, an outlet, and then what can potentially happen is that they find themselves running dry in the midst of trying to be a caregiver,” Aurora said. Her outlet and support come in various forms like text messages, phone calls, crying sessions with coworkers, and random acts of kindness from others—and she also reaches out when she needs it.

Sometimes people express pity for her as well. “People are like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ Don’t be sorry. This is the walk the Lord has me going through right now…I don’t want to be pitied. I want prayer,” she said. It’s this faith that continues to offer her hope for the future. “My husband will be cancer-free whether…in Heaven or on Earth. He’s gonna be cancer-free, and I will hear that one day. I will. And I just will not give up. And I will not let cancer rob my joy. I will not.”


  • “We’re gonna keep fighting, keep having faith…we know we have a Heavenly Doctor, and we’re just gonna stand firm.”
  • “We have nothing but the Lord to hold onto. Nothing.”
  • “In many cases…a battle with cancer is not that simple and it’s not that quick. It is a marathon and not a sprint.”


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