On the Mission Field of Cancer – Episode 178

On the Mission Field of Cancer

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Featuring: Mirna Borkman

Published: August 24, 2019

Mirna Borkman from the Talent Department talks with host Rev. Percy McCray about the importance of talent and vision in the workplace—especially for those who care for cancer patients.

Show Notes:

“Your talent is directly coded into who you are from God,” Rev. McCray shared with listeners on Health, Hope & Inspiration. “Life is all about figuring out what your talent and your gift is because your talents and your gifts are connected to your calling.”

Ms. Borkman, a staff-member in the Talent Department, spoke with Rev. McCray about the kind of gifts she looks for when hiring stakeholders (employees), such as compassion and vision. She sees working at CTCA as a calling, not just a job.

A part of the calling includes the hard reality that some patients die. Ms. Borkman shares about people she knows who passed from cancer and the perspective that sometimes healing comes in different ways than we expect. “Healing has many different dimensions to it,” Reverend McCray responded. “Everyone is not necessarily physically healed…and that does not mean that God is not part of that process, and that doesn’t mean that the will of God is not being executed.”

For those working with cancer patients, Rev. McCray offered additional thoughts. “At the end of the day, all that I truly believe the Lord is expecting of any of us to do, is to be light in dark places, to be salt to the world.” Ms. Borkman hires caring stakeholders she hopes lives this out as they provide excellent clinical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual care to cancer patients.


  • “This is not a job. This is a calling…a ministry…a mission.”
  • “Stay true to who God created you to be because there is a unique talent in that, and that talent is connected directly to a particular calling.”
  • “It is very necessary to really have the right talent in play for the type of work.”


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