“Lord, Send Me!” – Episode 179

Lord, Send Me!

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Featuring: Diane Johnson

Published: August 31, 2019

Diane Johnson, a 42-year uterine cancer survivor, is using her retirement to make a difference for cancer patients. She spoke with Rev. Percy McCray about the value of support for patients and caregivers and the opportunity for Cancer Care Ministry Training.

Show Notes:

Diane Johnson, a 42-year uterine cancer survivor, recalls a lady she visited in the CTCA in Phoenix, who expressed how lonely she felt at church. She loved her place of worship, but they lacked understanding of her unique struggles in her cancer journey.

Ms. Johnson wants to change that for as many patients, caregivers, and churches as possible, so she uses her retirement to help develop cancer care ministries in the local community through Our Journey of Hope. Some churches “simply haven’t understood the power and the potential and the vision to do this (cancer care ministry) and then to follow up with good training—and we have an answer for that,” Ms. Johnson said.

When Ms. Johnson received her cancer diagnosis decades earlier, she thought her life was over. It’s because of her journey of faith and hope that she now believes God led her to advocate for the launching of cancer support ministries—so people can receive the care they need in the communities in which they live.

In addition to teaching in Our Journey of Hope leadership trainings and advocating for the start of new groups or offering training for existing ones, she serves as a chaplain volunteer in CTCA in Phoenix. “God has used me, and that’s what I asked Him to do when I was about 13 years old.”


  • “I love my pastor and I love my church, but they have nothing for me as a cancer patient.”
  • “Caregivers were given a diagnosis of cancer also, and they need the support. They need to understand that their feelings are…normal.”
  • “What do I have to offer them (patients)? I have the Lord Jesus Christ working through me, and He’s my mouthpiece. He’s my feet. He’s my hands.”


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