Taking the Final Journey… – Episode 180

Taking the Final Journey...

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Featuring: Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray

Published: September 7, 2019

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray discuss the challenges and blessings of facing the coming loss of a loved one. They offer helpful guidance on ways to part on godly terms and how to help a loved one pass on with hope, dignity and grace.

Show Notes:

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray explore the dynamic of facing the approaching death of a loved one. First, they share the importance of hope. “For the believer, the end-of-life, death is not the end. One journey is ending, but a greater journey is about to begin.”

Rev. McCray also offered some helpful suggestions when spending last days with loved ones, such as speaking kind words. Rev. McCray sometimes asks families: Is there something that you would like to say to each other or to your loved one at this moment in time? “It’s very powerful to hear what gets unpacked…people are given permission to talk very openly… that becomes a very natural and organic…pathway that allows people to have closure.”

Reflecting on the impact of one’s life may also help the cancer patient live their last days with peace and purpose. “Ironically and interestingly…many cancer patients come to terms with the fact, ‘Hey, if I only have another year…I am going to give everything that I have to a better and higher cause, other than myself…’ I think that that is a model that every human being should ascribe to live by.”


  • “There’s something to be said about the gracious and graceful exiting and dying in the presence of God, knowing where you’re going, versus fighting to hold on to life because of the fear of where you’re going.”
  • “The goal of every human being is that, at the end of the day, that you should leave all of that potential, all of those gifts and talents and abilities in the Earth, and that you should die empty.”
  • “Grief is natural…but we are not grieving as those who do not have hope.”


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