Who Knew It Would Be Me? – Episode 181

Who Knew It Would Be Me

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Featuring: Kathy Lambert

Published: September 14, 2019

Kathy Lambert learned about her uterine cancer after she started volunteering at CTCA, Phoenix. Now diagnosed cancer-free, she shares about how her health journey strengthens her connection with patients she continues to serve.

Show Notes:

Kathy Lambert dreamed of volunteering at a hospital as a little girl, so after she retired from managing a cotton gin, she started serving at CTCA in Phoenix. But soon thereafter, she discovered her own need for treatment: uterine cancer. Initially she cried and experienced shock. “I don’t have time for this.” But after the initial blow, she saw opportunities to continue to serve the cancer community. “My cancer gave me more credibility and understanding of what they are going through.”

She looked forward to seeing other patients and encouraging them during her long chemo sessions. A nurse asked her how she could serve while she dealt with so much pain herself, including the unexpected loss of her grandchild. “It was strength—the inner peace and strength from God.”

Kathy finished her treatment plan and is now considered cancer-free, and she is closer to her volunteer work now more than ever before. Beyond her regular hours, she chooses to sit with a couple patients that she particularly bonded with. “I just sit with them while they’re going through chemo…or visit or bring them things…I love being able to do that.”

The love of Jesus fuels her passion as a volunteer. “We’re supposed to share that love of Jesus…and right now, I think it’s right here at CTCA.”


  • “I love the people and I love the patients, and I feel like, right now, that’s where God wants me.”
  • “I was watching people taking care of families, working full-time jobs, coming here for chemo…and seemed like they were living a pretty normal life. And I thought, ‘Okay, so this is a bump in the road.’ Well, it was a little bit more than a bump in the road for me. And it took me quite a while to get over it.”
  • “I just hope that I can be a blessing to them…in some way. And usually I’m more blessed than I think they probably are.”


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