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Just Speak the Word

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Featuring: Molly Stockley

Published: September 21, 2019

Molly Stockley, once a sports news anchor, entered the cancer community when her young co-worker died of melanoma. She now serves as the Vice President of Growth at CTCA in Phoenix and shares with listeners her passion for integrative cancer treatment and care.


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Show Notes:

Molly reported the sports for a news channel, but when her coworker died from cancer at the young age of 28, she knew she found her purpose. “I knew I had to find…people who needed help at CTCA. We combine mind-body therapy, traditional ways of treating cancer…and I just knew it was my job to be able to reach out to everyone I could.”

The faith component in the cancer journey is also important to Molly. “(When) a loved one is diagnosed with cancer…you open yourself up, and you may ask God, ‘Why? Why is this happening to me? What is going on? How do I get through?’ But you need to open up your heart, you need to open up your mind, and you need to take it in, and you need to say, ‘Okay, this has happened to me. Now how do I do this? How do I live? How do I incorporate my family, my faith, my friends into this journey?’

She believes in the quality of care at CTCA, where her mom is a current patient, and wants to work toward helping as many people as possible receive help. “And we’re gonna keep expanding. Because we know that the service that we provide is incredible.”


  • “When I get to see these people go home because…there’s no more evidence of cancer…my job is done. It is a great day.”
  • “This isn’t a job…this is a passion.”
  • “It’s not marketing to me, it’s being able to talk about what we do at CTCA, because, boy, do I believe it.”

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