I Am My Brother’s Keeper – Episode 183

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

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Featuring: Brenda Garrett

Published: September 28, 2019

Brenda Garrett works hands-on with patients daily as she supports the work of the nurses at CTCA. She shares the vision that drives her hard work and the purpose she holds onto as she journeys with patients through their cancer treatment.


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Show Notes:

Brenda Garrett sees her job supporting the clinical care of cancer patients as a place God wants her. Every day she not only helps the physical needs of patients, but she looks for ways to encourage them and makes herself available for emotional or spiritual support. “It’s such a nice place to work for…we can take time and sit down and really learn that person…and their caregivers, and their families, and what they’re going through.”

As a trained certified nurse’s assistant, Brenda helps with anything the nurses need, but her favorite part is the relationships she develops with the patients and witnessing their victories. “I get patients that walk in and say, ‘I’m cancer free.’ And that just means so much to me. That means our work is not in vain and that we’re serving the Lord. And it makes me feel so good.” She also enjoys supporting patients that are struggling through treatment by cheering them on and reassuring them to press forward.

“Sometimes they (patients) have a difficult time just getting through treatment…your body breaks down…your self-esteem…your appearance…and it’s hard for them. And they need someone…to support them through all of that, and that’s what we do here.” Some of her patients from her first days eleven years ago, still come to see her at their annual check-ups. “They’ll come up to infusion— ‘You’re still here! It’s so good to see you,’ and I say, ‘It’s so good to see you, ten years later.’…That just affects me in such a good way.”


  • “It’s not gonna always be good days. You’re gonna have bad days as well, but I think if you serve the Lord and you have faith of a mustard seed, you can get through anything.”
  • “Patients need us, and they need us to care for them in such a difficult time…and to show them that we love them. When they walk through these doors, we’re here for them.”
  • “I’m just that nurturer…that’s what I do. That’s what I’m good at. That’s my calling.”

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