The Blame Game: Is This Cancer My Fault? – Episode 184

The Blame Game: Is This Cancer My Fault?

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Featuring: Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray

Published: October 5, 2019

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray address the challenge of blaming someone or God when there is a cancer diagnosis. They provide helpful insight and tools to shift from blame toward hope and renewal.


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Show Notes:

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray discussed the common default of many patients and loved ones when processing the news of a cancer diagnosis: blaming. “Blame promotes neither peace nor healing. It’s a trap that we need to avoid.”

Rev. Percy offered several things to think about in processing the question of blame. First, lifestyle choices may impact a person’s risk for cancer, such as smoking and obesity, but lifestyle choices themselves do not guarantee a cancer outcome. Genetics also play a role—and sometimes nothing makes sense. Cancer affects people from all backgrounds. “Some introspection is fine as long as it doesn’t cross the line into beating ourselves up and blaming ourselves.”

They also mentioned some helpful tools to move people from blame toward healing, including providing a safe and open place for people to process their inner life as well as offering them a picture of hope. “Hope changes our focus… If… I’m only focusing on whose fault it is, playing the blame game…I can’t execute and release the power of hope that is necessary for me mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”


  • “Blame and guilt rob us of our joy, and break our spirit. A broken spirit can negatively impact our physical condition.”
  • “Quit driving down the same stupid street, if it’s not taking you to the destination of where you want to get to. You need to change your mind or repent of using that road and find a better road to get you where you ultimately want to go.”
  • “The Scripture says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth — the truth that you know shall set you free,”…So, we need to change our focus not to the blame but to the hope of who God is inside of us today.”

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