What If I Get Cancer? – Episode 188

What If I Get Cancer?

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Featuring: Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray

Published: November 2, 2019

“What if I get cancer?” Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray explore this question and address the fears people face when wondering what will happen if they have cancer. They also offer faith-based hope for enduring any kind of crisis.


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Show Notes:

Hosts Wayne Shepherd and Rev. Percy McCray explored the reason for hope when considering the question “What if I get cancer?” They spoke from a Christian faith perspective and talked about the reality of death and disease because of sin in the world. “The fact of the matter is the curse of the law still exists within the 3-dimensional world where our natural bodies are susceptible to all sorts of different things, and sickness and disease is one of them.”

They also talked about key scriptures in the Gospel of Mark and the Book of James that address the question from the biblical text: Did my sin cause my sickness? “If and indeed that may be the case, where we’ve dropped the ball on our part, we now have the ability to be forgiven of our sins…Scripture shows us that a person’s sickness could be in connection with sin, or it may not.” Sometimes bad things just happen, as a result of no one’s sin, according to John Chapter 9. Rev. Percy McCray commented, “This has been allowed to happen that the will of God may be performed or demonstrated… in the life of this individual.”

Regardless of the reason one might get cancer, there is hope in Jesus Christ. “We need the strength here and now, and that is exactly where it is available because of our strength in our heart and the hope that comes from the Lord.”


  • “We expect the best, and then we have to prepare for the worst that may happen in our lives.”
  • “What cancer patients and people who are dealing with negative circumstances need is strength of heart…our strength can come from God, who gives us hope in Him in the midst of even negative circumstances.”
  • “No matter what it looks like, sounds like, or feels like, there is hope. There is hope right now and in this world, and there is hope in the life to come.”

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