Something’s Cookin’ – Episode 190

Something’s Cookin’

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Featuring: Janet Brown

Published: November 16, 2019

Nutritious and flavorful food matters for those battling cancer. Janet Brown, a Lead Culinary Service team member at CTCA, shared with Rev. Percy McCray about the importance of food in the physical and emotional healing process of patients and the blessings she experiences delivering food at CTCA.


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Show Notes:

The first time Janet Brown, a Lead Culinary Service team member, delivered food to the bedside of patients at CTCA, a patient asked her to pray. “I was like, ‘I can pray here?’ She said yes. And it was just like, wow, my world opened, because I’m a believer. And from then…this is the place that I wanted to be. And I’ve been praying with patients.”

Ms. Brown shared with Rev. Percy McCray the joy she has in her job, delivering chef-crafted flavorful food to cancer patients. “When I take meals to the patient, there’s a difference in them all of a sudden, a smile comes on their face…it’s not like the doctor or the nurse who’s coming to pinch them or take blood. It’s food. So, all of a sudden, there is a smile.”

She also sees her job as more than food service, but also ministry. Her parents each passed after battles with cancer and it helps her see every patient as a family member. “Every morning before I come to work, I ask the Lord to use me for His glory…in a sense…I’m that mother figure, everybody is my son, my daughter.”

Even when she is not working at CTCA, she volunteers on Wednesdays to help with Bingo for the patients to give them a distraction and some fun. She wants to help others through their cancer journeys.


  • “So, I pray with them…I just ask God that whenever I pray with someone, that they receive it…because you can pray with someone, but it’s for that person to believe.”
  • “When they ask to pray, I know they’re in need. They’re at that part in their life where they need someone to come and speak to them, and I do that in prayer.”
  • “Let me be an inspiration for them. Let me be a smile for them.”

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