The Obedience of Faith – Episode 193

The Obedience of Faith

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Featuring: Pastor Ashley Tyree

Published: December 7, 2019

Pastor Ashley Tyree is a man of many hats: pastor of a church and chaplain with the sheriff’s department, fire department and a local business. He shares with Rev. Percy McCray the positive impact the Our Journey of Hope training is having in the community and why he thinks it is a valuable resource for any church or ministry leader.


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Show Notes:

Pastor Ashley Tyree is a man of many hats, but one heart: to obey God. He serves as the pastor of Lumber City Baptist Church and a chaplain with the sheriff’s department, fire department and a business. “Every morning I get up and say, ‘God, I’m your servant. What do you want me to do?’”

Pastor Tyree shares with Rev. Percy McCray the impact Our Journey of Hope has in his ministry. “Here I was, the chaplain, trying to give some spiritual encouragement (to cancer patients and caregivers), but, at the same time, I had no clue what was going on.” The training helped him understand cancer basics and how to better spiritually care for those on a cancer journey.

The most significant lesson for Pastor Tyree from the training is the importance of ministering to all those affected by a cancer diagnosis. “We get so wrapped up…in the person that has the cancer. We forget about all of the other people that are around, and as a minister, the opportunity to share the Gospel…and to share God’s love with them.”


  • “You don’t want to see people in crisis. But when they’re in their lowest, that’s when the light can shine the brightest.”
  • “I can have all the knowledge in the world, but if I’m not applying it correctly, that’s not wisdom.”
  • “All He ever calls us to do is be obedient.”

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