Nothing Can Stop Hope – Episode 195

Nothing Can Stop Hope

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: December 21, 2019

The hope that the world offers us often leaves us feeling hopeless. On today’s episode, Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd share with us the power of God’s hope that lasts—and how to find it.


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Show Notes:

The world tries to offer us hope—hope in things, money, people. But often time those fail to sustain our peace and can leave us feeling hopeless. In this episode, Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd discuss the value of lasting hope and how to find it. First, they stated that lasting hope originates in God. “My soul finds rest in God. My hope comes from him…outside of God, hope can collapse and leave us hurting worse than before. But hope that comes from God is steadfast.”

They also talked about why hope in God remains strong, no matter what. “God is unconditional, He’s everlasting, He’s eternal, and He’s steadfast. And so, love, peace, hope—all fruits of the Spirit that come from the presence of the Holy Spirit from God—we have access to…that cannot wane, fade or dissipate.”

It is this kind of hope in God that sustains us in difficult times like the eagle that is able to rise with its wings (Isaiah 40:31). “When we’re dealing with the struggles and the challenges of life, we need to be able to rise above our challenges and our circumstances…we tap into the hope and the power and the essence of who God is in us.”

And the great thing about hope? Rev. Percy McCray said, “I don’t need a doctor’s prescription.” Hope that sustains is available to us all.


  • “God is the god of hope. He doesn’t give hope, He is the very essence of hope, and we have access to that today.”
  • “Godly hope can produce a powerful thing for us that we don’t need people’s permission to access because of the relationship to the Father through the Son.”
  • “There are just some things I can’t do in and of myself. I need to have a resource and access to a higher power or a higher being…God is the highest being.”

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