Wisdom for Every Season – Episode 197

Wisdom for Every Season

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Featuring: Rev. Chip Gordon

Published: January 4, 2020

Host Rev. Percy McCray speaks with Rev. Chip Gordon about an important document everyone needs—no matter how healthy or sick. This legal document helps protect individuals, and guides loved ones and medical personnel—if ever the situation arises.


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Show Notes:

Host Rev. Percy McCray speaks with Rev. Chip Gordon about the importance for every person to have an Advanced Care Directive. This specific, legal paperwork outlines your wishes for your health in case of an emergency. “It helps the physician take better care of the patient if they know what the patient’s wishes are,” Rev. Gordon says. Family members and doctors refer to this legally binding document in the event you cannot express your desires.

It also provides peace for family members of a patient and aids loved ones making difficult medical decisions. “It just makes it so much more of a calming time.” Without an Advanced Care Directive, families sometimes feud over differences in opinions in how to care for a loved one. “It creates so much heartache at a time that should be peaceful…to surround that loved one.”

Even in a season of health, we should create this important document because sometimes unexpected events happen that limit our ability to express our medical choices.


  • “There is hope at the beginning of a cancer journey. There is hope in the middle of a cancer journey. There is hope even at the end of a cancer journey.”
  • “If something were to happen and you couldn’t make a decision or you did not want to make that decision, then who would be the person to make that for you? And what would your decisions be?”
  • “You need an advanced directive…because you never know when something can happen.”

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