Just Get Busy – Episode 202

Just Get Busy

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Featuring: Sheryl Weldon

Published: February 8, 2020

God used Sheryl Weldon’s breast cancer journey to transform her life and catapult her into a ministry that is bettering the lives of many women. She shares her story of trial and survival with host Rev. Percy McCray.


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Show Notes:

Sheryl Weldon’s life drastically changed with her breast cancer diagnosis. Her husband of 20 years left, and she needed to face treatment while raising her daughter alone. “I need to be here and raise my child…I want to complete that journey…so I just got busy.”

Sheryl got busy with her protocol and looking toward the needs around her while she received cancer treatment. She shares about her first big service project: a stranger in the doctor’s office emotionally broke down after she realized her husband left her—also took her off the insurance. So, Sheryl told the nurse, “When I go in for treatment, I need you to tell her, ‘I don’t know how, but come back here in two weeks.’ I am going to raise money to make sure that she gets this treatment.” God used Sheryl to raise the money—and to bless many women along the journey. “I am single and my mom is helping me with my child…and money would just magically appear into my purse. I always had enough money for somebody else who needed it.”

This movement of serving as a conduit for God to bless others, eventually turned into The Weldon Foundation that Sheryl now leads with her new husband. This nonprofit foundation serves women going through cancer treatment by providing resources to help them in tough times. “See, if you start small, it’s like a ripple…it spreads out.”


  • “If you tell somebody, ‘If there is anything I can do, just let me know’…that is too safe and that is a cop-out.”
  • “How does God get His riches that are in glory into the natural, three-dimensional world? He must have someone that he can use as a conduit…to meet the needs of someone sitting right next to them or living across the street.”
  • “There is no shortage of resources in the Earth. There is just a shortage of how many people are willing to share correctly and responsibly.”

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