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One Who Aids and Assists

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Featuring: Letitia Price

Published: February 15, 2020

Letitia Price, an oncology physician’s assistant, is passionate about helping cancer patients survive. She shares with Rev. Percy McCray about what she sees as the leading factor of cancer survival and the importance of treating the whole person.


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Show Notes:

Letitia Price, an oncology physician’s assistant at CTCA, enjoys working with patients and participating in the developing treatments due to advances in research. “I chose oncology because there is always something new. We have a team…who are always on the know of what there is to use to treat cancer.”

A leading factor of cancer survival, Letitia points out, is early detection. She uses an analogy of her destroying a car engine by never taking it in for maintenance—even when the check engine light popped on—to explain the importance of caring for our bodies. “Those maintenance checks—that is your colonoscopy, your prostate check, your mammogram— all of those are things to detect cancer early so you can treat early.”

In addition to early detection, Letitia believes treating the whole person—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—are factors that aid the positive progress of patients. To that end, she helps educate leaders in caring for those with cancer through Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership Training Program. Oftentimes, those walking through a cancer journey do not know what they need or how to express it. “I let them know what the congregant (going through cancer) might actually need.”

Hope drives Letitia’s commitment to cancer care. “My hope is…seeing the strides and steps that we are making to target certain types of cancer— that every year we get closer and closer to helping everyone survive this thing called cancer.”


  • “You have to feed your mind. You have to feed your soul. And so, I believe that the cancer ministry is very important.”
  • “People are surviving and living longer because of the fact that we have great diagnostic tools.”
  • “To take care of a person—for them to get through this thing called cancer—we have to treat the mind, the body, and the spirit.”

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