I Am My Brother’s Keeper – Episode 206

I Am My Brothers Keeper

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Featuring: Paul Watkins

Published: March 7, 2020

Paul Watkins shares with Rev. Percy McCray about the power of encouragement. Trained cancer ministry volunteers walked alongside him and his wife during his life-threatening journey and offered hope. He speaks about his gratitude and what he now wants to do in return.


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Show Notes:

Paul Watkins developed sepsis after his prostate cancer surgery. His kidneys failed. He went on dialysis and lost 37 pounds, and spent twelve days in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. Paul says prayer and his good clinical care team at CTCA saved his life. In the weeks and months after his diagnosis, the volunteers in the cancer ministry through his local church walked with him and his wife, Bev, through the unexpected and sometimes life-threatening journey.

“They prayed with Bev. They prayed over me. They just showed up.” This ministry-of-presence impacted Mr. Watkins in a profound way. After cancer rehabilitation, he sensed God might be leading him to some kind of ministry. “I knew that there was something else I needed to do…because I was still here.”

While talking to his pastor, he realized he wanted to be a part of the cancer ministry that helped sustain him. “I want to journey with people when they are diagnosed with cancer.” So, he went through the Our Journey of Hope cancer ministry training and now walks with those facing their own unpredictable medical journeys. “If I can give them hope, if I can strengthen their faith, if I can keep them out of the dumps and keep them positive, I think I’ve done something.”


  • “If you can go and minister to somebody and you just do what they want you to do, you can give them hope.”
  • “You can help immeasurably by…giving them hope… helping them get through this journey as best they can.”
  • “They’re going to have difficult times. And so if you can minister to them and pray with them and share Scripture with them…that really helps.”

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