Faith Over Fear – Episode 207

Faith Over Fear

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Featuring: Sherry Pratt

Published: March 14, 2020

Sherry Pratt, author of Faith Over Fear: My Journey Through a Bone Marrow Transplant shares with Rev. Percy McCray about the power of faith when going through cancer treatment.


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Show Notes:

Sherry Pratt, a cancer survivor, received a 100-day treatment for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a rare disease that attacked her red blood count. She shares her challenging journey with Rev. Percy McCray, starting with her initial reaction to her diagnosis. “I was afraid. I was mad, confused, and a little bit in denial.” She says. “I always exercised, had eaten right, and I’m a health coach… and here I am with a rare blood cancer.”

Once she accepted her cancer diagnosis, she searched for a care team she could trust and found her home at CTCA. She says that the excellent clinical team at CTCA, along with the support of loved ones, helped her get through. Also, “minding her mind” helped on the spiritual and emotional side of things. “I got into God’s word every day… I just submerged myself in God’s word and that’s when my faith started to get stronger.”

After her treatment, Ms. Pratt wrote a book about her journey in response to the overwhelming questions people asked her on Facebook groups for bone marrow transplants. “People were asking me question after question,” she says. Her sister and husband took meticulous notes through her cancer journey, which she utilized in writing her account. “I’m really in a mentoring process now with other people because of my book, and it gives them hope that they can get through this.”


  • “When we talk about minding our mind, it is important what is in our mind. And to have God’s word firmly in mind always helps.”
  • “I just believe that 50% of the battle is in your mind and you have to get your mind straight, and you have to have belief, faith and hope in Him that He can carry you through any of your battles.”
  • “I think God gives us discernment. He gives us the ability to have discernment. And when you feel that tug and you get still, you can hear Him.”

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