Protect Your Marriage from Cancer – Episode 208

Protect Your Marriage from Cancer

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Featuring: Myles Weiss

Published: March 21, 2020

Myles Weiss, a licensed marriage and family therapist with 27 years of experience, speaks about the impact cancer may have on marriages. He also shares three ways couples can grow together as they journey through cancer.


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Show Notes:

The pressure of cancer on a marriage can reveal cracks in a relationship. If not addressed, these cracks might cause significant damage. Marriage Therapist, Myles Weiss shared with Rev. Percy McCray three valuable pieces of advice to strengthen a marriage through the crisis of cancer: communication, closure and closeness.

First, Mr. Weiss suggests keeping open communication about how each other feels, but to know that feelings come and go. “If you look at the heroes of the faith, if you look at Elijah and what he went through in life-threatening depression. You look at David at the depths of crying out from the pit. If you look at the history of people… by faith— it includes these mountaintops and valleys, and we need to acknowledge that.”

Secondly, he encourages listeners to allow for closure. “Having a perspective on their own pain and their own past is really important so that they have some closure and they feel confident to move forward into the next phase, whether it is healing here or healing in heaven.”

His third and final piece of advice is closeness with God, while embracing the reality of the pain couples experience while treating cancer. “Getting closure on actual pain and then trusting that whether I am here or there…growing intimacy with the Lord is important.”


  • “God’s not nervous about our low points…so we need to have permission to feel those, knowing that He wants to come alongside and help us…we have to be real.”
  • “Life is short, eternity is real, people matter most.”
  • “Cancer patients are struggling and dealing with all sorts of things, but so are their spouses and their caregivers. And both parties need to be granted permission to express and be truthful and honest about their feelings.”

Mr. Weiss and his wife lead an international ministry and listeners interested to learn more, can find them at

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