Supporting Cancer Patients with COVID-19

Supporting Cancer Patients with COVID-19

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: May 9, 2020

Dealing with the coronavirus outbreak while being treated for cancer can make patients feel doubly alone. Rev. Percy McCray shares insights into how we can best support cancer patients during the coronavirus pandemic.


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Show Notes:

Cancer patients often feel alone in their physical and mental battle. Now the COVID-19 outbreak might cause patients to feel even more fearful or isolated. Rev. Percy McCray offers insights into how to support cancer patients during this unprecedented pandemic.

First, he reminds caregivers to not judge the feelings, thoughts, or emotions of their loved one with cancer and to help them find freedom from feelings of guilt. Secondly, patients might feel more hopeless during this time, but caregivers can remind their loved ones that many people are surviving coronavirus. And finally, he encourages caregivers to remind the patient that they are not alone and are ultimately in the hands of God. “People may think, ‘What can be worse than cancer and coronavirus?’ Instead, we should think, ‘What could be bigger than God!’”