You Cannot Be Defeated: Winning in Spite of Cancer – Episode 210

You Cannot Be Defeated: Winning In Spite of Cancer

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: May 15, 2020

“Cancer” has been called the most fear-filled word in the English language, but Rev. Percy McCray doesn’t think it needs to be. He shares with co-host Wayne Shepherd how we ultimately overcome cancer, and what cancer cannot take from any of us.


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Show Notes:

“Cancer” is a word that causes great fear. People often think of suffering and death—and rightly so because we have seen people suffer and pass on as a result of cancer. But cancer also is an opportunity for great peace and hope. Rev. McCray says, “Cancer does not have the power to defeat you. Yes, it can damage our body. Yes, it can make the life that we live difficult. Yes, it can be the thing that causes one to leave this life, but it cannot defeat you.”

Rev. McCray describes our bodies as vehicles for our spirits. Even though cancer might attack our bodies, our inner person can remain steadfast through faith in God. “Cancer cannot touch my mind. It cannot touch my heart. It can only touch my body. It can be easy to lose heart when we focus on what we see, feel and experience. On the inside, we can grow in strength, no matter what is happening on the outside.”

Finally, he encourages listeners with the vision of what will come ultimately when we stand before God. “Cancer may kill this version of our body…but how about this? We are going to get new, glorified bodies, praise God, with the second coming. We are promised new, glorified bodies that will be free of sickness and disease, and we will live on.”


  • “When we talk about ‘You cannot be defeated,’ we need to disempower the thought of what cancer can and cannot do, and the only thing that it can do, theoretically, is harm and hurt our physical being.”
  • “Cancer cannot touch my mind. It cannot touch my heart. It can only touch my body.”
  • “Right now, it looks like death can win…and it can appear that way, but in the end, we are victorious.”

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