Knowledge About Cancer Is Power – Episode 215

Knowledge About Cancer Is Power

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Featuring: Aileen Stansel

Published: June 20, 2020

Fear of the unknown can multiply anxiety, especially when it comes to cancer. Rev. Percy McCray talks with Aileen Stansel, a breast cancer survivor and nurse, about how faith and basic cancer knowledge can help dispel fear.


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Show Notes:

Fear of the unknown can feel crippling. Rev. Percy McCray speaks with Aileen Stansel, a breast cancer survivor and nurse, about the power of facts and faith coming together when facing a cancer diagnosis or ministering to someone with cancer. “The more we know, the better we understand. And that can help reduce fear.”

They talk about the importance of the faith community knowing the basics of what cancer is and how it spreads in order to come alongside patients to minister to them. “It can give comfort when a person is fearful. It also gives right information, so you are not giving false hope.”

Ms. Stansel provides listeners with helpful advice when talking to someone with cancer, in order to marry spiritual care with clear facts. “It is important to be a good listener and to try to figure out where a person is at…you will hear in their conversation what they need…then that is what you address.”


  • “Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear. It can multiply your anxiety, but it can be overcome.”
  • “When people have a working knowledge of something, it helps to reduce the fear, because fear, by and large, is driven by not having an understanding.”

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