The Power of Partnership—Fighting Cancer Together – Episode 216

The Power of Partnership—Fighting Cancer Together

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Featuring: Faye Rouhlac & JoAnn Hudson

Published: June 27, 2020

When Faye Rouhlac’s breast cancer returned, her faith in God plummeted. She thought she must have done something wrong and she felt alone. But then a CTCA volunteer became Faye’s closest friend and directed her back toward God’s love.


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Show Notes:

Faye Rouhlac wondered if she would make it through her second round of breast cancer treatment and felt deeply discouraged. Then one serendipitous day, JoAnn Hudson, a CTCA volunteer, offered to walk with Faye from one treatment area to another. “We just started talking about our families, our kids, what we did, you know, in our careers. And we bonded. And it was not like patient, volunteer. It was more like— friends,” JoAnn said.

JoAnn showed up for every one of Faye’s appointments from that point on and became a beacon of joy and hope for Faye. “In her love for me, she made it clear, I simply had to exist and just put out my hand because she was going to be there, love was going to be there, and God was always there.”

Their CTCA encounter forged into a life-long friendship that went beyond cancer treatment and turned into a blessing for both of them. “She and I can just talk about anything. And we have enjoyed each other’s company in a lot of different ways. In fact, we’ve been planning a cruise at some point,” JoAnn said. “We’re enjoying life together, enjoying life the way God wants us to.”


  • “JoAnn asked nothing of me other than, ‘Be with us,’ her and God. That is the only thing I had to do. And that was the first time I knew that I was going to make it.”
  • “Instead of focusing on what I thought God and life had done to me, she (JoAnn) gave me the mind of, ‘This is maybe not about that, Faye. He knew you needed to come closer to Him.’”
  • “I was a bird with broken wings and JoAnn came with the wings.”

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