Finding a Best Friend Because of Cancer – Episode 218

Finding a Best Friend Because of Cancer

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Featuring: Jean Bates & Elaine Wallace

Published: July 11, 2020

Jean Bates thought she came to CTCA simply for cancer treatment, but God provided her a clinical nurse that became her best friend. They share with Rev. Percy McCray about the value of friendship and the power of prayer in cancer treatment.


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Show Notes:

Elaine Wallace served as Jean Bates’ clinical nurse at CTCA when she received treatment for uterine cancer, but their relationship quickly grew into a deep spiritual friendship. “We could laugh together from the beginning. We prayed together, I believe, the very first day that she was here. We were sisters of the heart.”

Caring for others from the heart comes naturally for Elaine. “I can remember, even as a little girl, that my mother used to always say, ‘You’re going to do something where you really care about people.’ Because, even as a little girl, I would get upset when I would see people that were unhappy or people that needed some kind of attention or a hug or something.”

It is the faith-friendly environment at CTCA that allowed the space for their friendship to deepen on the common ground of spirituality. “I think that your mental well-being is a huge part —your spiritual, your emotional. And Elaine addressed not only my physical, but all the other areas.” Elaine simply sees herself as a tool for God to use. “I know who is the great physician, and He is just using me to be His hands and His feet and His voice.”


  • “I’m just His instrument. You know, Lord, let me be Your instrument.”
  • “I can be thankful that I had cancer and met Elaine because I cannot imagine having a better friend than she has been.”
  • “We do know that God is with us and we are not alone through whatever journey.”

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