The Battle of the Mind – Episode 219

The Battle of the Mind

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: July 18, 2020

Fear circles in our minds when we face difficult circumstances, especially a cancer diagnosis. Rev. Percy McCray offers concrete encouragement to help overcome the mental battle.


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Show Notes:

Walking through a cancer journey sometimes exhausts mental energy. Rev. Percy McCray offers listeners some key scriptures and encouragements for standing firm in the midst of the battle. “The mind and spirit are battlefronts in a cancer fight…We have the opportunity to draw upon God’s promises in the midst of the battle.”

Rev. McCray first shares a scripture about God as the creator and the One Who is above all created things. Since He is above all, He is also above cancer. “God is bigger than cancer. Cancer is not bigger than God.” He also reminds listeners of the reality that even though we struggle and suffer, God can provide His strength to endure. “Even while we struggle and even while we are suffering, we can still be strengthened.”

However, fear sometimes runs wild in our imaginations. Rev. McCray encourages people of faith to fix their minds on God rather than the fear or circumstances. “If our minds are stayed on God and on His promises and on His love and on His reputation and hope and faithfulness, then we can potentially be uplifting others who are also watching that, because they’re being strengthened by our character of faith as well.”


  • “Even while we struggle and even while we are suffering, we can still be strengthened.”
  • “We can have cancer in our body and peace in our heart.”
  • “It is a mistake for us to put cancer over God. God is over cancer.”

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