Confronting Cancer with Faith – Episode 220

Confronting Cancer with Faith

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Featuring: Karen O. Allen

Published: July 25, 2020

Karen Allen, a breast cancer survivor, saw her diagnosis as an opportunity to grow spiritually and minister to others through her journey. She shares with Rev. Percy McCray about some of the faith lessons God taught her along the way.


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Show Notes:

Before her breast cancer diagnosis, Karen Allen prayed for God to develop her faith. So, when she found out about her cancer, she resolved herself to allow God to use her suffering for the strengthening of her faith and to help others in their faith as well. “God can use our pain to direct us in ways that we may need to go…And I felt that my experience, the purpose in my pain was to grow my faith.”

She talked with Rev. Percy McCray about the lessons she learned during her cancer treatments and the Bible study she wrote to help others on their own faith journey with cancer. “Brokenness is a place that we can be revived and transformed.”

Hope is something that continues to drive Ms. Allen as a survivor of breast cancer. “Hope is not based on outcomes. It is based on God…so, for me, my hope in God is grounded in His character.”


  • “God enters our pain with us. He comes from a place of compassion, not just sympathy.”
  • “Support…helps to push you through and to inspire you.”
  • “In many cases, we try to avoid pain and we try to run from it, but from a spiritual perspective, there are things to be gleaned, learned, and appreciated from pain, and there’s a purpose to it.”

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