The Honor of Caregiving – Episode 221

The Honor of Caregiving

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Featuring: Shauna Amick

Published: July 31, 2020

Shauna Amick helps support Joni Eareckson Tada in her cancer journey, cares for a daughter with Down Syndrome, and directs the radio ministries for Joni and Friends. She spoke with Rev. Percy McCray about the value of caregiving and the importance of caring for the caregiver.


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Show Notes:

Shauna Amick did not sign up for a lifetime of caregiving and at first, it took adjustment. She now sees caregiving as a blessing from God. “Instead of being a burden, it is a gift…this is God’s call on my life.”

Shauna credits her relationship with God for her miracle of a changed perspective. “Whether I signed up for it or not, that is not the point. So, I wake up saying, ‘Okay, God, give me Your Word, give me what I need to get through this day.’ And He is faithful.”

Her support network of her husband and caring friends helps when she feels worn out. Shauna especially appreciates when friends listen to her process feelings without judgment. “When we allow each other to purge those things in our heart, to lay our burdens down, we can really release them and leave them there.”

In the end, the future gives Shauna hope. “If it is a healing that is God’s will, then the best is yet to come. If it is heaven that is God’s will—that is the best that is yet to come.”


  • “I needed people to practice ministry of presence with me, no matter what ugly thing might come out of my mouth at the moment.”
  • “We have got to focus on the challenges in order to overcome them.”
  • “I would really encourage friends, family, and the church to let it get messy when it needs to get messy so that people can be real.”

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