Should I Embrace My Cancer? – Episode 222

Should I Embrace My Cancer?

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: August 8, 2020

When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, denial can feel better than facing reality. Rev. Percy McCray and cohost Wayne Shepherd talk about what it means to embrace cancer—and the strength and hope available for those who do.


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Show Notes:

A cancer diagnosis can feel too immense to face. Rev. Percy McCray encourages listeners to acknowledge the situation, rather than hide from it. “We should embrace any disease or challenge that is confronting us.”

Rev. McCray shares about King David’s boldness and strength found in Psalm 138. “He did not have boldness or strength in his soul until he cried out to God, until he made a declaration and an affirmation—’Here is my situation. This is what I’m facing.’”

Embracing a cancer diagnosis does not mean surrendering to it, but rather standing up to it. “We should embrace our cancer or our challenge because we need to confront the reality of the moment and the situation. We do not run. We do not hide. And we do not get into a state of denial because we cannot fight our enemy that we have not been willing to look at.”

Once a cancer diagnosis is embraced, Rev. McCray encourages patients to boldly go before the throne of grace and ask God for help. “With God in our corner, we can confront cancer or any scenario boldly, and we can be an example of hope to others who are watching us while we’re confronting those scenarios.”


  • “Cancer should not make us be ashamed. When we tap into who God is with us and for us—and our options that we have from good clinical care—then we have confidence.”
  • “I do not know what is happening tomorrow, but right now, today is the day that He has made, and I am going to be hopeful.”
  • “All of our boldness and strength actually comes from God.”

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